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Classification Guide

A good example of an Incurve bloom
(John Hughes 13B)
A good example of a Reflex bloom (Matlock 24B)
A good example of an Intemediate bloom
(Purple Glow 5A)

Numbers and Letters after each variety are N.C.S classifications but always check the N.C.S. official list befor showing.

'A' Denotes Large Flowering
'B' Denotes Medium Flowering
'C' Denotes Small Flowering

Sections 1 to 12 are November Flowering. more>
Sections 13 to 20 are October Flowering more>
Section 22 is Charms more>
Sections 23 to 30 are Early Flowering more>

Colour Classification more>

Chrysanthemum Sections

Section (1) Indoor Large (Exhibition)
Section (2) Indoor Medium (Exhibition)

Section (3A) Indoor Incurved: Large-Flowered
Section (3B) Indoor Incurved: Medium-Flowered
Section (3C) Indoor Incurved: Small-Flowered

Section (4A) Indoor Reflexed: Large-Flowered
Section (4B) Indoor Reflexed: Medium-Flowered
Section (4C) Indoor Reflexed: Small-Flowered

Section (5A) Indoor Intermediate: Large-Flowered
Section (5B) Indoor Intermediate: Medium-Flowered
Section (5C) Indoor Intermediate: Small-Flowered

Section (6A) Indoor Anemone: Large-Flowered
Section (6B) Indoor Anemone: Medium-Flowered
Section (6C) Indoor Anemone: Small-Flowered

Section (7A) Indoor Single: Large-Flowered
Section (7B) Indoor Single: Medium-Flowered
Section (7C) Indoor Single: Small-Flowered

Section (8A) Indoor True Pompon
Section (8B) Indoor Semi Pompon

Section (9A) Indoor Spray: Anemone
Section (9B) Indoor Spray: Pompon
Section (9C) Indoor Spray: Reflexed
Section (9D) Indoor Spray: Single
Section (9E) Indoor Spray: Intermediate
Section (9F) Indoor Spray: Spider, Quill, Spoon or any other type

Section (10A) Indoor, Spider
Section (10B) Indoor, Quill
Section (10C) Indoor, Spoon

Section (11) Any Other Indoor Type
Section (12A) Indoor, Charm
Section (12B) Indoor, Cascade

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Section (13A) October-flowering Incurved: Large-Flowered
Section (13B) October-flowering Incurved: Medium-Flowered
Section (13C) October-flowering Incurved: Small-Flowered

Section (14A) October-flowering Reflexed: Large-Flowered
Section (14B) October-flowering Reflexed: Medium-Flowered
Section (14C) October-flowering Reflexed: Small-Flowered

Section (15A) October-flowering Intermediate: Large-Flowered
Section (15B) October-flowering Intermediate: Medium-Flowered
Section (15C) October-flowering Intermediate: Small-Flowered

Section (16) October-flowering: Large

Section (17A) October-flowering Single: Large-Flowered
Section (17B) October-flowering Single: Medium-Flowered
Section (17C) October-flowering Single: Small-Flowered

Section (18A) October-flowering Pompon: True Pompon
Section (18B) October-flowering Pompon: Semi Pompon

Section (19A) October-flowering Spray: Anemone
Section (19B) October-flowering Spray: Pompon
Section (19C) October-flowering Spray: Reflexed
Section (19D) October-flowering Spray: Single
Section (19E) October-flowering Spray: Intermediate
Section (19F) October-flowering Spray: Spider, Quill, Spoon or any other type

Section (20) Any other October-flowering Type

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Section (22A) Charm: Anemone
Section (22B) Charm: Pompon
Section (22C) Charm: Reflexed
Section (22D) Charm: Single
Section (22E) Charm: Intermediate
Section (22F) Charm: Spider, Quill, Spoon or any other type

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Section (23A) Early-flowering Outdoor Incurved: Large-Flowered
Section (23B) Early-flowering Outdoor Incurved: Medium-Flowered
Section (23C) Early-flowering Outdoor Incurved: Small-Flowered

Section (24A) Early-flowering Outdoor Reflexed: Large-Flowered
Section (24B) Early-flowering Outdoor Reflexed: Medium-Flowered
Section (24C) Early-flowering Outdoor Reflexed: Small-Flowered

Section (25A) Early-flowering Outdoor Intermediate: Large-Flowered
Section (25B) Early-flowering Outdoor Intermediate: Medium-Flowered
Section (25C) Early-flowering Outdoor Intermediate: Small-Flowered

Section (26A) Early-flowering Outdoor Anemone: Large-Flowered
Section (26B) Early-flowering Outdoor Anemone: Medium-Flowered

Section (27A) Early-flowering Outdoor Single: Large-Flowered
Section (27B) Early-flowering Outdoor Single: Medium-Flowered

Section (28A) Early-flowering Outdoor True Pompon
Section (28B) Early-flowering Outdoor Semi Pompon

Section (29A) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Anemone
Section (29B) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Pompon
Section (29C) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Reflexed
Section (29D) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Single
Section (29E) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Intermediate
Section (29F) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Spider, Quill, Spoon or any other type
Section (29K) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Korean
Section (29Rub) Early-flowering Outdoor Spray: Rubellum

Section (30) Any other Early-flowering Outdoor Type

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N.C.S. Colour Coding System

The colour classification does not always give the precise colour of a cultivar. It is merely a general classification to assist chrysanthemum growers and to facilitate the grouping of cultivars for purposes of exhibition. It would be impracticable to seperate all the different colour tints, and thus cultivars which could be said to be orange are classified under yellow, apricot comes under salmon, and so on.

Key to Colour Classification

W = White DP = Deep Pink LR = Light Red
Cr = Cream LS = Light Salmon R = Red
LY = Light Yellow S = Salmon DR = Deep Red
Y = Yellow DS = Deep Salmon LPu = Light Purple
DY = Deep Yellow LB = Light Bronze Pu = Purple
LP = Light Pink B = Bronze DPu = Deep Purple
P = Pink DB = Deep Bronze OC = Other Colours
(Green etc.)