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Available from early February,
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Chrysanthemum Alice Jones

Alice Jones (24B)

Catalogue No. E027
A bronze reflex of immaculate form. Short sturdy grower with dark green foliage. Height 3ft 6ins. Stop mid May.

Chrysanthemum Allouise

Allouise (25B) (O)

Catalogue No. EC02

A clear pink with broad incurving petals. Crop early under glass or
September outdoors or from late cuttings in October under glass.

Chrysanthemum Peach Allouise

Peach Allouise

Catalogue No. EC07

Chrysanthemum White Allouise

White Allouise

Catalogue No. EC04

Chrysanthemum Allyson Peace

Allyson Peace (24A)

Catalogue No. 1162

A bright yellow September reflex of excellent form. Height 4ft. to 5ft. Stop 1st April.

Chrysanthemum Ann Dickson

Ann Dickson (25A)*

Catalogue No. E030

A striking orange bronze intermediate, a huge flower of immaculate form grown on vigorous plants. Height 4ft. Stop early May.

Chrysanthemum Bill Wade

Bill Wade (25A)

Catalogue No. E034

A white intermediate of immense size and form, which will make this an excellent variety for exhibition. Height 4ft 6in. Stop 10th May.

Chrysanthemum Billy Bell

Billy Bell (25A)

Catalogue No. 1077

A clear large white intermediate. Height 4ft 6in. Stop mid April.

Chrysanthemum Yellow Billy Bell

Yellow Billy Bell

Catalogue No. 1145

Chrysanthemum Bruera

Bruera (24B)*

Catalogue No. E038

A reflex white of outstanding quality. Very large neat flowers are borne on strong stems. Easy to grow. Height 3ft 6in. Stop end of May.

Chrysanthemum Clapham Delight

Clapham Delight (23A)

Catalogue No. 1108

Cream incurve of good form. Height 3ft. Stop early April.

Chrysanthemum Cornetto


Catalogue No. E257

Yellow incurve of excellent form. A refreshing flower enhanced by a tint of green. Good grower, excellent for exhibition and weatherproof for the garden. Height 4ft. Stop mid May.

Chrysanthemum Courtier

Courtier (24A)

Catalogue No. E055

A solid pink reflex, good petal lay, that builds into blooms of good shade and depth. Height 3ft 6ins. Stop 15th May.

Dennis Turner

Dennis Turner (15B) (Cr)

Catalogue No. 1167

Tightly incurving intermediate of a rich cream colour rarely seen. Can
be grown as an early or a late. Stop early April for an early flower and best second crown, 15th April & 10th June as a late.

Deva Glow

Deva Glow (25A)* (C)

Catalogue No. E061

A large clear yellow intermediate. Grown on dwarf easy to manage plants that also make a suitable cut flower variety for September flowering. Height 3ft 6ins. Stop early May.

Dorridge Beauty

Dorridge Beauty (24A)

Catalogue No. E024

A large deep crimson reflex of striking colour. Weather resistant. Height 4ft. Stop mid April.

Dorridge Crystal

Dorridge Crystal (24A)

Catalogue No. E019

A shining white reflex and immaculate petal lay. An excellent exhibition variety. Height 4ft. Stop early May.

Red Early Bird

Red Early Bird(24B)

Catalogue No. EC01
A red spiky reflex very early flowering under glass or outside

Rose Early Bird

Rose Early Bird (24B)

Catalogue No. EC55

Emma Lou

Emma Lou (23A)

Catalogue No. E032

A large yellow incurve, something of a rarity these days. An incurve that goes back to the stem and finishes well on top. Stop mid May.


Ermine (23A)

Catalogue No. E067

The perfect incurved white which is always greatly admired. A large flower carried on good stems with small leaves. Stop early June.


Formcast (24A)

Catalogue No. E074

The perfect purple reflex with broad petals. Requiring the minimum of dressing, perfectly weatherproof. Height 3ft


Gingernut (25B)

Catalogue No. E081

A very neat bronze incurve that finishes perfect on top. Height 4ft. Stop mid May.

Gladys Sharp

Gladys Sharp (25A)

Catalogue No. E202

A beautiful rich yellow of immense size and quality. The plant is vigorous and easy to grow. Height 3ft. Stop 15th May.

Grace Wade

Grace Wade (25B)

Catalogue No. 1120

Light bronze intermediate. Height 4ft. Stop early April for September or early June for November.

Hannah Boote

Hannah Boote (24B)

Catalogue No. 1168


Hazel Zwager

Hazel Zwager (24B)

Catalogue No. EC25

Salmon Pink of reflexing form weatherproof.

Jos Walker

Jos Walker (25B)*

Catalogue No. E211

A chestnut bronze incurve with red reverse, the petals incurve neatly to give an attractive bloom. Height 4ft. Stop end of May.

Joyce Freda

Joyce Freda (23B )

Catalogue No. 1160

A yellow incurve early of excellent form. Height 4ft. Stop 1st April for early flowering but will flower later from a later stop.

Julie Ann

Julie Ann (25B)

Catalogue No. EC30

An attractive light pink - almost salmon, incurving in form.


Keystone (25B)

Catalogue No. E216

An intermediate purple with silver reverse outstanding as a Show chrysanthemum and for cutting. Height 4ft. Stop 1st June.


Lyndale (25B)

Catalogue No. EC35

A clear light yellow of incurving form August and September flowering.


Matlock (24B)

Catalogue No. E235

A sizeable medium reflex of striking red in colour. Excellent petal lay building to a flower of good depth. Height 4ft. Stop end of May.

Max Riley

Max Riley (23B)

Catalogue No. E208

Good incurves are hard to come by and this deep yellow incurve is sure to be in demand. Good globular form and hard petalled. Height 3ft 6in. Stop end April.


Millennium (25B)

Catalogue No. 1109

A rich yellow intermediate. Height 4ft. Stop late April.


Music (23B )

Catalogue No. 1161

A pleasing September rose pink incurved, excellent for cutting as well as exhibition. Stop 10th April. Height 4ft


Packwood (23B)(C)(O)

Catalogue No. E221

A tightly incurved deep yellow each finished to a perfect ball. Requires an early stop.

Pot Black

Pot Black (24B)(O)

Catalogue No. E261

As the name suggests, an intense velvet purple reflex. Good depth requiring the minimum of dressing. Height 4ft. Stop mid April.

Rachel Knowles

Rachel Knowles (25A)

Catalogue No. E254

A pale pink large intermediate. An easy to grow plant of wonderful shape and form with small dark foliage. Height 4ft 6ins. Stop mid April for September shows.

Sam Oldham

Sam Oldham (24B)

Catalogue No. E254

A large deep red reflex which holds it's colour well. Height 3ft 6in. Stop 15th May.