Special Collections (named)

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Picture of a typical box of Chrysanthemums

Special Offer from April onwards of plants to be collected from the Nursery.

This Picture shows a sample mixed box with 35 cuttings of five varieties for £28 per box in selections of earlies, early sprays, also October / November and Christmas flowering varieties. These are a bargain, you can only select your own box from the greenhouse bench. They are the only Chrysanthemums that are not available to order in advance for collection please see below for mail order option.


Mixed Boxes by Post for May delivery
(order in advance allowing 4 weeks for rooting)

Mixed boxes are available through the post for May delivery. Because of the size of the plants and packaging required, this incurs an extra charge. Each mixed box is charged at £36 including postage. Please note if you want more than one box this can be adjusted in the shopping cart.

Early Blooms

Catalogue No. C75

Early Sprays

Catalogue No. C76

October / November Blooms

Catalogue No. C79

December Blooms

Catalogue No. C80

Late Sprays

Catalogue No. C81