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Available from early February,
£2.50 each Plant £10.75 - 5's £20.00 - 10's Per Variety plus P&P

Alan Foxall

Alan Foxall (3B)

Catalogue No. 1094

A golden bronze incurve of classic form. Height 4ft 6in. Stop early to
mid may.

Amy Shoesmith

Amy Shoesmith (15A)

Catalogue No. 1074

Closely incurving October blooms of bright clear pink with a wonderful
satin sheen. An exceptionally beautiful flower. Stop end of May.


Beacon (5A)

Catalogue No. N019

A superior incurving decorative of a very bright red and gold. Perfect dwarf grower carrying a heavy crop.

Burnwood Belle

Burnwood Belle (3B)(W)

Catalogue No. 1155

A natural pure white incurve grows to a compact height of 3ft. Produces globular good sized flowers. Stop late April to secure bud 1st week in August.


Cheddar (13A)

Catalogue No. 1073

A refined deep yellow October incurve, very resistant to Damping. Height 3ft

Chester Millennium

Chester Millennium (4B) (Pu)

Catalogue No. 1166

Purple Reflex with overlapping flat petals Needs a May stop around 15th - 25th for early to mid November shows. Could also come as an early and suggest a 1st April stop.


Corngold (5B)

Catalogue No. N025

A golden amber incurving with glistening petals. Good for exhibition and cut. Height 4ft 6in.

Crystal Fountain

Crystal Fountain (14B)

Catalogue No. 1097

A delicate light pink reflex with broad petals. Height 4ft. Dual purpose variety for early show stop 1st April, for late show stop 1st June.

Denis Baber

Denis Barber (15B)

Catalogue No. 1098

A tight petal intermediate of good form, silver pink in colour. Height 4ft. A dual purpose variety, stop early April for early show, early June for late shows.

Doreen Statham

Doreen Statham (4B)

Catalogue No. N029

A dark crimson reflexed of good size. A quality bloom reflexing back to the stem makes it ideal for exhibition. Height 5ft. Stop natural break.

Double Event

Double Event (5A)

Catalogue No. 1016

A clear white incurving intermediate, a tight solid flower of good size. Height 4ft. Stop June 10th.


Fairweather (3B)

Catalogue No. N041

A very neat medium incurve. Colour light purple showing more silver on its reverse. Short stocky grower. Stop early June.

Salmon Fairweather

Salmon Fairweather

Catalogue No. 1029

White Fairweather

White Fairweather (3B)

Catalogue No. N044

Yellow Fairweather

Yellow Fairweather (3B)

Catalogue No. N096

A clear yellow sport

Geoff Brady

Geoff Brady (5A)

Catalogue No. 1111

A deep red with gold reverse. Height 5ft. Stop early June.

Gladys Emerson

Gladys Emerson (3B)

Catalogue No. 1089

A late incurved must have the quality of a John Hughes and this variety has all the necessary pedigree to compete in this class. A gold
incurved of exhibition form. Height 4ft. Stop early June.

Image of Grace Holden

Grace Holden (15B)

Catalogue No. 1165

A Dual purpose tight incurve light yellow. For early flowering stop early April, for late flowering stop early June. Height 4ft
Hesketh Knight

Hesketh Knight(5B)

Catalogue No. N005

A Bronze registered as an intermediate but with narrow petals that finished as a perfect incurved. Height 4ft 6ins. Stop early June.
Jack Hardware

Jack Hardware (14A)

Catalogue No. 1143

Seedling from John Nevill bright red reflex needing the minimum of dressing. Dark green foliage. Stop 2nd Crown 20th April and 4th to 20th June. Height 5ft.
John Horsell

John Horsell (5A)

Catalogue No. 1099

A tight petalled bronze of excellent form. Height 4ft. Stop mid to end of April.
John Hughes

John Hughes (13B)

Catalogue No. N051

A pure white incurve of perfect short upright habit Height 4ft.


Primrose John Hughes

Primrose John Hughes (13B)

Catalogue No. N052


Yellow John Hughes

Yellow John Hughes (13B)

Catalogue No. N053


Kay Woolman

Kay Woolman (13B)

Catalogue No. N037

A pure white incurved. Astrong grower of good shape and form. Height 4ft 6in. Stop early June.
Primrose Kay Woolman

Primrose Kay Woolman

Catalogue No. 1150

Laurie Fitton

Laurie Fitton (3B)

Catalogue No. 1019

A yellow incurve of excellent form that reminds me of both growth and flower form of a good incurved Gold Foil, strong sturdy grower. Height 4ft. Stop early June.


Lens Girl

Lens Girl (4B)

Catalogue No. 1100

A rose pink reflex of excellent form with good depth Height 4ft. Stop mid May.


Lilian Shoesmith

Lilian Shoesmith (5B)

Catalogue No. N055

The orange bronze flower is of tightly incurving formation. A very strong grower, approx 4ft in height.

Lilian Shoesmith

Mary's Miracle (14A)

Catalogue No. 1158

Large light pink reflex with long petals that fold neatly into place. Height 4ft. Stop early April.
Norton Vic

Norton Vic (5B) (PU)

Catalogue No. 1156

A purple intermediate which grows to a height of 4ft on 2nd Crown. Second stop mid June to secure bud in mid August.

Olwyn (4B)

Catalogue No. N066

A white reflex of excellent form for a variety of this section. Needs the minimum of dressing. Height 4ft. Stop early June.
Amber Olwyn

Amber Olwyn (4B)

Catalogue No. 1095

An excellent colour break from the parent.

Patricia Millar

Patricia Millar (14B)

Catalogue No. N016

A lovely salmon pink reflex of excellent form and depth. A much needed addition to this section. Height 4ft. Stop early June.

Cream Patricia Millar

Cream Patricia Millar (14B)

Catalogue No. N015

A creamy white sport with all the qualities of its parent.

Rose Patricia Millar

Rose Patricia Millar (14B)

Catalogue No. N011

A rich rose pink sport.

Pearl Edward Shaw

Pearl Edward Shaw (5A)

Catalogue No. 1157

A large silver pink intermediate, a much better grower than most in the November section. Stop early June. Height 4ft.
Polar Gem

Polar Gem (3A)

Catalogue No. N060

A true incurved white with good keeping qualities. Strong upright grower. Height 4ft 6in.

Primrose Charles Tandy

Primrose Charles Tandy

Catalogue No. 1151


Purple Glow

Purple Glow (5A)

Catalogue No. N065
A large intermediate with colour, size and refinement that makes a perfect vase. Height 4ft 6in. Stop early April.

Red Ken

Red Ken (4B)

Catalogue No. 1117

Named after Ken Dear. A bright colour for a bright personality, glowing red reflex of excellent form. Height 5ft. Stop mid May 3 up.
Roy Coopland

Roy Coopland (5B)

Catalogue No. N071

An attractive bronze incurving decorative bloom. Good habit with strong stems. Height 4ft 6in.


Stockton (3B)

Catalogue No. N001

A rich purple incurve that tends to show a rather dark reverse to the petals, which makes this a very distinctive eyecatching flower. Excellent form and finishes well on top with hard petals. Height 4ft 6in. Stop early June.


William Florentine (15A )

Catalogue No. N020

Silver pink intermediate of tight form which finishes well on top. A big flower that maintains its form well Height 4ft 6in.